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mChat Welcome Message

Jan 2018 07 14:21

Post by martin » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:15 pm

Post by martin by martin Jan 2018 07 14:21

Extension Name: mChat Welcome Message
Author: dmzx & martin

Extension Description:

This extension will add an random welcome message in mchat when user login.

Added code for profile link when using {$username} in message.

Added code for "Hide my online status this session" so no message when member hide the online status.

Want just new users to get posted on there first login then do the edit below.
Open ext/dmzx/mchatwelcomemessage/event/main_listener.php
Find This may be a partial find and not the whole line

Code: Select all

if (!empty($row['rand_text']) && $row['session_viewonline'] == 1)
Replace with Replace the preceding lines with the following

Code: Select all

if (!empty($row['rand_text']) && $row['session_viewonline'] == 1 && $this->user->data['user_lastvisit'] == 0 && $this->user->data['user_new_privmsg'] == 0 && $this->user->data['user_last_privmsg'] == 0)
Now set up your random message in the acp.
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